Blade battery Powerwall Pack 51.2V 135Ah Wall-mounted home Solar Power Energy Wall

Enershare the BYD blade battery Powerwall , choose BYD "blade cell" through structural innovation, in the group can skip the "module", greatly improve the volume utilization rate, and finally achieve the design goal of loading more cells in the same space.Compared with the traditional battery pack, the wall mounted volume capacity of the "blade cell" is increased by more than 50%.

Product description

Blade battery 51.2V 135Ah Powerwall Pack

● Auto ID
● Automatically assign any host
● Smart Temperature Control
● Smart parallel technology compatible with
● batteries with dierent SOC and voltages
● Eciency with up to 90% usable energy
● IP20 Protection Rating
● Modular designer, natural cooling, indoor use
● Supports up to 32 units in parallel, with a total capacity of up to 225.92 kWh
● Intelligent temperature control guarantees battery safety and longevity
● Cycle life exceeds 6000cycles for long-lasting reliability.

Model noES S4020
Battery module Energy7.06kWh
Useable energy6.9kWh
Max Output Power5kW
Peak Output Power5.6kW
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Operating Voltage range (Single Phase)43.2V-57.6V
Dimension (W/D/H)1090x580x80mm
Weight75 Kg
InstallationWall mount
Operating Temperature10C~+55C
Operatign Altitude0-3000 m (Derating above 2000 m )
Relative Humidity5%~95%
CoolingNatural Convection
Protection RatingP20
Noise Emissiondb
Cycle Life>6000 (@25C, DoD 90%)
DisplaySOC Status indicator LED Indicator
Cell TechnologyBYD Blade Battery (LiFePo4)
ScalablityMax 32 Systems in parallel operation
Communication PortsCAN / RS485
Warranty5 Years Standard ( 10 Years Optional)

Blade battery home solar systemBlade battery Powerwall Pack


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