200KWh 620-780V HV DC Coupled battery Ark Commercial & industrial solar battery Energy Storage Syste

Commercial & industrial energy storage is a power storage system specially designed for regional microgrids such as small CBDs, farms, islands, outdoor photovoltaic power stations, etc., which can fully guarantee the power demand and energy security in these scenarios.

Product description

200KWh 620-780V HV DC Coupled battery Ark

The battery energy storage system consists of battery racks, BCM and BSMU.
● Packed with high performance LFP single cell, long life, safety andwide temperature range
● High energy density, small size, light weight, no pollution;
● Use BMM-BCM-BSMU third level design, protect voltage, current,temperature in whole process
● Integrated communication interface, CAN2.0 and RS485 communicate with Inverter
● Integrated LED indicator, display operating status
● Balance between cells, balance between modules Standard pack, easily for installation and capacity expansion
● Maximum 10 cabinets parallel which supports 2MWh capacity.

Battery moduleModule Voltage51.2V
Rated capacity280Ah
BMU inside1
Cooling modeForced air cooling
Power TerminalM8 Screw
Battery Energy Storage SystemVoltage Range(V)627.2~784V
Series & Parallels1P-224S
Rated Voltage(V)716.8
Rated Capacity(Ah)280
Rated charge/discharge current(A)140/140
Rated Energy(kWh)200.7
Usable Energy(kWh)180.63
Maximum Discharge Current(A)250
Maximum Charge Current(A)140
Discharge cut-off voltage(V)627.2V
Max. Charge voltage(V)784V
Recommended Charge type784V, CC-CV to current <0.05CA
Cycle life (@25 ℃ , 0.5C/0.5C,80%DOD)>6000
Dimension (W* D* H)1100*1100*2340mm
IP GradeIP54
Total Weight (Kg)Approx.2300
Battery Thermal ManagementIndustrial air conditioner,3kW cooling capacity
Operating temperature-5 ~ 55℃
Operating humidity5%~95%R.H.
Dry ContactIntegrated
LCD Screen monitorIntegrated with the BSMU
panel. Touch screen, check
battery data & setup

Commercial & industrial DC Coupled battery Ark

 HV DC Coupled battery Energy Storage System

200KWh DC Coupled battery Ark


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