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600KWh ac coupled battery storage System

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Successfully commissioned and installed

600kWh High voltage coupled battery storage System 

in South Africa!

This is a step forward for Enershare in energy efficiency and sustainability in South Africa.       

The Commercial ac coupled battery storage System marks an important step forward in the region`s search for reliable, renewable and efficient energy solutions.        

Now fully operational, the high-voltage coupled battery solution will transform the way our loyal customers use, store and distribute energy, while enabling more efficient use of solar energy.

Commercial ac coupled battery storage System

Key Highlights of the Project :                   

600 kWh Capacity: The high voltage battery energy storage system has a robust 600 kWh capacity, making it a significant contributor to the region's energy needs.                   

Cutting-edge technology: The 600 kWh high-voltage storage system uses cutting-edge technology to efficiently capture and store electricity during periods of excess supply so that it is available for consumption during peak demand.

High voltage battery energy storage system

Reliable and Sustainable: This innovative system provides a reliable and sustainable battery energy storage system solution that helps stabilize the grid during fluctuations and ensures a continuous supply of clean energy to homes and businesses.                 

Environmental impact: By reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing energy waste, high-pressure storage systems make a significant contribution to the local environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a cleaner, greener future.                   

With the development of clean energy, enershare believes that the 600kWh High voltage coupled battery storage System will become a beacon for the progress of our South African energy storage project, lighting the way to a more sustainable future.                   

Enershare always provides you with new energy and newly designed products, whether for home or industrial use.        

Enershare has always been committed to the development of global clean energy.                   

Enershare Mission: Anywhere needs energy, Enershare right here!