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1.29MWH Marine Bess Battery System Construction

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Enterprises that are always at the forefront of technology are leading the lithium battery industry.  What is the difference from others?It's different everywhere!

Enershare made persistent efforts and took half a year to complete the 1200KW-1.29MWh Marine battery Power System, for pure electric boats as the power source, and also supply the auxiliary devices in the boats.The battery system consists of two stacks, each with the same structure, equipped with four units BMS and a set of display controllers.

Marine Bess Battery energy storage System After many rounds of design and improvement, from the initial System Electrical Topology to the final landing, it also experienced twists and turns.  It makes up of 120 pcs battery pack, up to 1C discharge current---2240A discharge! 8 clusters, 8 units BMS, 2 units MBMS , and 2 units DC combine cabinet.Software communication also supports TCP/IP and CAN2.0 protocol together.

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Marine Bess Battery energy storage System The wiring sequence, steps, corresponding instructions, connections,  and signal transmission of the combiner cabinet have undergone detailed and multiple test cycles for each step.

1.29MWh Marine Bess Battery System

Battery Energy Storage System At present, it has passed multiple tests, temperature control, vibration, capacity test, protection control test, performance test, etc., all of which are very stable.

Thanks to technical director Stella containerized energy storage systems for her guidance.  From the selection of each screw to the integration of the entire large system, the principle of quality priority is practiced, so that this marine lithium battery project can be successfully completed!

Of course, the launch and selection of this project are inseparable from the unique market insight, correct choice, decisive choice, and clear direction of the founder of the enershare company---Wesley.Years of technical experience and sales experience, good use of talents, rich management ability to successfully lead the team, and strong team cohesion enables each project to be successfully completed!

To become a leading provider of industrial container lithium battery energy storage products and services---Enerhshare's footsteps never stop.

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