15 years

of experience in energy industry

22000m² manufacturing base

(Battery pack factory, Industrial and commercial large energy storage team)

Senior R&D team

Product structure, BMS, electrical solutions, etc

Overseas team

We have a strong international presence with registered joint venture companies in the UK , Bulgaria , Central Europe , Africa, Southeast Asia as well as North and South America.

OEM/ODM capability

Production capacity of 200MWh per month


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 About Us 

Shenzhen Enershare Technology Company Limited is a leading manufacturer of battery storage 

systems , specializing in the integration and distribution of renewable energy solutions. With a 

firm commitment to providing safe, reliable, innovative , and cost-effective energy storage 

solutions. We have become the trusted partner of choice within the energy storage industry.


Our mission


Collaboration, design, continual technical improvement and regional compliance led solutions 

enables our energy storage partners globally to get the right product for the application; whether it’s On or Off grid; or for Domestic, Commercial or grid scale Utility projects.

Enershare believes that energy storage should be affordable for all.  We work tirelessly with 

likeminded professional partners to address global energy security and energy poverty concerns 

so we can make renewable electricity available for healthcare and education which is affordable 

for all, anywhere.  With this approach we hope to make future generations healthier, happier and more secure by playing our part in reducing the effects of global warming.


Our Expertise


With more than 10 years of experience in the renewable industry we have a knowledgeable , 

enthusiastic and experienced team from around the world that has excelled in designing , 

manufacturing and commissioning of systems of more than 1.2GWh of storage.  


Global Reach


We have a strong international presence with registered joint venture companies in the UK , 

Bulgaria , Central Europe , Africa, Southeast Asia as well as North and South America. This global 

network enables us to provide the right cost-effective solutions, swift delivery , and exceptional 

customer service to clients worldwide.


Our Achievements: 


Over the last 6 years we have achieved year-on-year growth with an impressive track record of 

delivering more than 2 GWh in energy storage solutions thanks to being genuine manufacturers 

with continual investment into the latest robotic equipment.

  Battery Pack Factory

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    R&d Team
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    Industrial and Commercial Large Energy Storage Team
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    Overseas Team

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