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20FT 250KW-774KWh Containerized Energy Storage System Somalia-BESS(Battery Energy Storage) Somal

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Containerized delivery Energy Storage Complete System
   ---20FT 250KW-774KWh BESS

New project  774kwh-250KW 20ft BESS container 

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 20FT Containerized Energy Storage System

How is the 20ft BESS container‘s safety design? 


*Each cluster is independently managed to monitor and maintain the safety of batteries in the cluster. An independent FM200 gas fire-fighting system and smoke sensor are installed in each battery cluster, which can directly trigger the start of the fire-fighting system.


*Each cluster is equipped with an independent thermal management system and an industrial air conditioning system, and special air channels are designed in the cluster to ensure the temperature balance of batteries in the cluster.


*The unique pressure relief and fire resistance patent design in the battery cluster ensures that the battery cluster can automatically relieve pressure and block the open fire in the cabinet in extreme cases to prevent the expansion of disaster.


The three-month new project has come to an end. Thanks to Stella, Director of Technical Guidance, and Mr. Li, Director of Technical Design.

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