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24V 200Ah lithium battery to Ghana.

Categories:Product News Author: Time of issue:2023-08-03-06

It is said that the Indian Ocean is romantic, because after crossing the Indian Ocean, and seeing through the fireworks in the world, the eyes are still full of stars, seas and mountains, and rivers. 


Feel the romance of the Indian Ocean, flowing through the Gulf of Guinea in the superior Atlantic Ocean. I heard that the Atlantic Ocean has a Spar blue color that purifies the soul, and the last tear of human beings will gather in the Atlantic Ocean. That is the poetry and distance we yearn for.

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And in this poem and the distant place, there is a bay that never be lazy and has a place with unique natural resources and a prosperous area. It is the largest bay in the world, a part of the Atlantic Ocean, where the equator and the prime meridian meet. This batch of goods also slowly flowed through these watersheds to reach the hands of customers.


Thanks to Mr. Ken, his support and trust over the past two years. We have experienced it from scratch, and every detail change, every issue consideration, and every technical check during this period are the guarantee of product quality. Continuous polishing and modification are the responsibility of products and customers.


This is also what Enershare is pursuing, to make an effort for the clean energy of the world! 

Anywhere needs energy, Enershare is here!