3U smart100 touch screen 51.2V 100ah lithium battery pack 5KWh 48V lifepo4 battery

smart100 is a 51.2V 100Ah lifepo4 battery pack with BYDC47 cell, touch screen design, capacity of 5KWh for energy storage between home solar energy storage systems and inverters.

Product description

51.2V 100Ah touch screen
lithium battery Pack Advantages

01. Built-in smart BMS, Digital Touch screen, friendly front panel
02. LCD Screen display the battery voltage, current, temp, SOC detail information
03. Multiple Options: Stack mount, Rackmount
04. Auto ID Automatically assign any host Smart parallel technology compatible with
05. Smart Temperature Control batteries with dierent SOC and voltages
06. Support communicate with solar inverter bu CAN or RS485
07. Update software by RS485 port
08. Flexible capacity options, 5.12kWh-82 kWh
09. Stable performanceand easy installation

51.2V 100Ah touch screen
Lithium Battery Pack Advantages

Typical  Capacity100Ah0.2C charge and discharge for cut-off voltage
Minimum Capacity98Ah
Initial ImpedancePack ≤120mΩAfter standard charge,AC1KHz test
Nominal voltage51.2V
Charge limit voltage58.4V
Discharge cut-off voltage43.2V
Standard charge current20A0oC~45oC
Maximum charge current100A10oC~45oC
Standard discharge current40A-10oC~60oC
Maximum discharge current100A10oC~60oC
Unit voltage45V-52V40%-60%
Operating temperature0oC~45oCCharging
Storage temperature-10oC~ 50oCless than 1 monthRecommended storage temperature: 25oC,at the shipment state
-10oC~ 35oCless than 6 months
Recoverable capacityConstant current 0.2C charge to 58.4V, then constant voltage 58.4Vcharge to current declines to 0.01C, rest for 10min,constant current 0.2C discharge to 43.2V,rest for 10min.Repeat above steps 3 times, recording the maximum capacity
Cycle PerformanceUnder the temperature of 23±20C,charge the battery with 0.2C, when the voltage reaches up to 58.4V charge with constant voltage until the charge current ≤0.02C,then stop charging, then rest for 0.5h, then discharge with 0.2C to 43.2V. Cycle with the above mode, when the continuous discharge time <3H stop cycling. The cycle life is required ≥6000 times.
Storage Humidity≤75% RH
AppearanceWithout distortion and leakage
Standard testing conditionTemperature: 25±2oC 
Humidity :≤75%RH
Atmospheric Pressure:86-106 Kpa

51.2V 100Ah touch screen

BYDC47 51.2 V 100Ah lifepo4 battery pack

touch screen design Enershare

solar energy storage systems and inverters


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