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VAT relief may further change the UK new energy market structure

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Improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions are the main themes of this policy

The UK government announced that it will abolish 20% VAT on the of battery energy storage systems (BESS) from 1st February 2024. The previous scope of VAT relief was limited to batteries installed together with solar panels; while the new scheme covers stand-alone battery installations and retrofit batteries. This decision further aids the UKs transition to clean energy. It will also drive growth in the energy storage industry while improving the energy efficiency of homes.

For most people, residential energy storage system is the easiest to contact. It can charge from PV or solar panel, storage extra electric power, discharge power when power off. In some situation, it also can sale extra power to PV. Enershare believes that VAT relief may further change the UK renewable energy market structure.

But as electricity consumption is increasing, low voltage and low capacity didnt satisfy peoples requirements, so Enershares R&D Development designed a new product——Enershare Power /Energy Core, which is up to 512V, 153.6KWH. Highly match UK 230V. Power /Energy Cores capacity depends on the module you stack, from 2.26KWH to 26.4KWH.

High Voltage Stack battery.jpg

Delivery from EU stock after orderingTime Saving

Automatic Inverter Configuration (set-up free)

High Voltage Stack Battery, Easy Installation, 36.5kg / Stack

1 and 3 phase, on / off grid / back up support

Intelligent Display (Key Info, Err code, SOC)

Up to 6 towers in parallel

画板 6.png

Why Enershare foucs on EU Stock? On 26th Dec, Yemen's Houthi armed forces issued a statement saying that after three warnings to the merchant ship "MSC United" in the Red Sea were rejected, the Houthi armed forces launched missiles at it. And according to the report of CNBC, a 40ft container from Shanghai to UK, shipping cost is up to $10000, however its just $2400 a week ago. Enershare EU stock can avoid high shipping cost, delivery from UK directly.  

Whether adding storage alongside solar PV, opting for a standalone battery solution, or retrofitting an existing solar array, home energy storage systems have become more accessible to most households in the UK; Not only can they enjoy considerable economic benefits , and also contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

 The VAT exemption policy not only improves the energy efficiency of British housing, breaks down barriers for home energy storage systems to enter housing, increases the proportion of energy provided by low-carbon, renewable energy, but also helps to further reduce global energy consumption and carbon emissions. Thats Enershare exactly what wants to do! Low carbon, Enershare is always on the way.

Future Energy, Share for All !!!