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Real feedback cases from Romanian customers.

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Real feedback cases from Romanian customers. The renewable energy solution provided by Enershare provides customers with 10 2U 51.2V 100Ah Batteries. The 2U batteries are used in parallel with a victory inverter to provide customers with stable energy reserves. Solve customers' customized energy needs;


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Enershare 2U 51.2V 100Ah-- 5KWh thinner and lighter size lithium battery. This new product has a unique stand-alone flat, stacking and wall-mounted bracket design, which can realize multiple installation methods for one machine to meet the backup capacity requirements of different scenarios.


Brand-new shape design, small size, easy installation

Flexible capacity options, Supports up to 32 units in parallel, with a total capacity of up to 163.84

Cycle life exceeds 6000cycles for long-lasting reliability.

Li-ion battery life cycle: 6000 times25℃,90% DOD

High energy density and high efficiency

Enershare is committed to providing users with high-quality and reliable energy storage solutions, using excellent LiFePO4 battery components to ensure the high safety performance of the energy storage system 6000 lithium-ion battery life cycles, flexible capacity options from 5.12kWh to 82 kWh, It can meet the needs of different families, and its high-efficiency energy output and long service life also make it an ideal choice in the energy storage market.


We believed that in the future, Enershare will continue to launch more high-quality products to provide users with better energy storage solutions.

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