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Enershare warmly welcomes India customers to visit our company!

Categories:Company News Author: Time of issue:2024-04-29-02

Enershare greeted India customers on 25th April. Our sales Danny and Sylvia on behalf of Enershare to welcome customers. During the communication, we know that their company is specialized in charging equipment, but they saw the broad prospect of renewable energy, so they decided to change the company's strategic development direction.


Danny and Sylvia introduced Enershare experienced renewable energy background, including our important five-finger strategy, products and Enershares development prospects. After listening to the introduction, they expressed great interest in our starter battery and lead-acid battery. At the same time, they also show their worries about products’ R&D. Because at present, the competition in the renewable energy industry is fierce, they want to know why Enershare can be the leader. Enershare has professional overseas R&D team, accurate insight into market changes, wide-range product, from portable battery to C&I energy storage system, satisfy personal usage and industrial usage.



Afterward customers were guided to our factory to take a closer look at the production process of our products and quality control department. Having more understanding of lithium ion battery, and have a great willingness to conduct in-depth cooperation with Enershare.


The first season, Enershare greeted many customers from different countries, Enershare never forgets our original intention --- implement low-carbon actions, R&D more efficient and  cheap batteries, make batteries affordable.


Future Energy, Share for All !