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Enershare Energy successfully signed a dealer cooperation agreement with Nigerian customer.

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On 8th May, customer came to Enershare to have a deeper communication, from our products to factory. Customer also told us about his views of Nigeria's renewable marketing, and prospects in the future. During communication, customer show great interest in residentialstoragesystem and lead acid replacement battery. In Enershare, the technologies of these two products are very mature, customer is very confident with Enershare and our product, signed a distributor contract, become Enershare's dealer in Nigeria. ?


For Nigeria, residential battery ? is more common and cheap than commercial and industry energy storage system. Nigeria have plenty lighting resources, grid power isn't stable to maintain daily life. It's urgent to solve energy storage problems. ?


We hope that this cooperation will lead to more Enershare presence in Nigeria and contribute to global clean energy. ?

话题标签Enershare keeps pacing with world trade, continuing develop in renewable energy, layout world dealer. Glad to cooperate with like-minded people. ?

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