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Enershare has completed the shipment of 400KW-860KWh Energy Storage System to the Middle East

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May 2024, Enershare Energy has completed the shipment of 话题标签#400KW-话题标签#860KWh Energy Storage System to the Middle East. The container adopts 话题标签#Enershare The 3rd generation modular containerized 话题标签#BESS, two weeks ahead of the delivery period expected by the customer. Superior uniformity and EV grade safety 话题标签#lithiumbattery cells; reliable 话题标签#EMS system design to realize remote real-time understanding of the operation status of BESS. 🔋

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📌 The project is mainly used on farms operated by customers in the Middle East. The product of modern agriculture and clean energy. By combining photovoltaic power stations with farm facility construction, 话题标签#renewableenergy is reused and farm maintenance and operation costs are reduced.

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🔍 Enershare Will continue to follow the transportation of the 话题标签#container, after the product arrives at the designated location of the customer for delivery, Enershare technical personnel will assist the customer in professional installation services, and configuration and debugging, to ensure its normal and stable operation.

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