200KWh 380V HV AC Coupled battery Ark Commercial & industrial All-in-one Energy Storage System

Commercial & industrial energy storage is a power storage system specially designed for regional microgrids such as small CBDs, farms, islands, outdoor photovoltaic power stations, etc., which can fully guarantee the power demand and energy security in these scenarios. Safety & Certification IEC62619,UN38.3

Product description

200KWh 380V All-in-one Energy Storage AC Coupled 

1. Modular and flexibly expandable battery storage system at the power and capacity level.      
2. All-in-one design, AC-coupled solution.
3. Outdoor housing for any installation site.
4. Easy maintenance due to modular design (Battery modules, BMS, control design).

TypeStorageSolar + Storage
Battery Parameters
Cell TypeLFP Pristimatic Type
Battery Capacity (Kwh)50~20050~200
Voltage Range (V)250~800320~800
Max. Charging Power (Kw)50/15030/100
AC On-grid Parameter
Grid Tvpe3W+N+PE
Input / Output ( Kw)50~15050
AC Voltage (V)320~460
Applicable Grid Frequency ( Hz)45~55/55~65
THDi<3%(100% load)
Power Factor1(Leading)~1(Lagging)
AC Off-grid Parameter
Rated Charge/Discharge Power(Kw)50~15050
Max Output Power (KVA)50~15055
Rated AC Voltage (V)400
Nominal Frequency ( Hz)50/60
THDu≤1% linear; or s 5% nonlinear
Photovoltaic Input
Max Input Power (KW)--50/100
MPPT Voltage Range (V)--250~850
General Parameter
Max. Weight (Kg)3200
IP DegrationIP54
Operating Temperature Range (°C )-20~50
Relative Humidity0~95%(No condensation)
Cooling MethodHeat Ventilation Air Conditioner
Noise (dB)≤75
System Efficiency≥85%
Firefighting SystemIntetared
CommunicationEthernet, Modbus TCP/IP
Safety & CertificationIEC62619,UN38.3

200KWh 380V HV AC Coupled battery Ark

Outdoor All-in-one battery Energy Storage System

380V HV AC Coupled battery Ark

 Commercial & industrial Outdoor All-in-one battery Energy Storage System


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